Saturday, 2 March 2013

Victoria's Secret alternative

Victoria's Secret. 

Everyone knows about Victoria's Secret, actually coming to think of it do you think Victoria actually had a secret? Or do you think that the secret was all in her frilly lace knickers and exquisitely padded bras... anyway I adore Victoria's Secret and must visit the online store at least once a week to just goggle at the prettiness of each garment. Unfortunately though even after getting down on my hands and knees in the middle of the recently new Stratford Westfields Victoria's Secret last week and begging my mum to buy me an Ink blot coloured bra, (I was convinced I would succeed) I am yet to be a proud owner of any of their clothing merchandise. Sobs hysterically. Due to the fact being unemployed and on very little monthly allowance, I simply just cannot afford. 

Stratford's VS (i took this photo)
The Bra I begged for

However, in seeking an alternative underwear department to shop in, (some could argue that there is no comparison to VS..) for as what Gilly Hicks calls them, 'Down Undies' just temporarily until I obviously become an Angel myself... I wish. I have to admit, good old Marks and Spencer's have a beautiful collection of underwear at more affordable prices, which are also easier to get your hands onSorry not even Gilly Hicks does it for me as they cater for only boobs of super tiny exterior, and I feel LaSenza to be of itchy quality and over garish appearance.  

So I just wanted to preach to you guys the subtle elegance of M&S's lingerie and found a few items from their Rosie for Autograph line. Not only is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley a massive girl crush of mine but she's Modelled for Victoria's Secret since 2006 (so she definitely knows her stuff), was born in Devon and is currently dating Jason Staham, what a lucky girl.

Damask Rose Print Lace Padded Plunge A-DD Bra with Silk
£22.50 (buy here)

French Designed Rose
Lace Padded A-DD Body with Silk

£45.00 (buy here)
Damask Rose Print Lace Padded
Plunge A-E Bra with Silk

£22.50 (buy here)

Swiss-Designed Couture
Smoothing Padded B-DD Bra
with Memory Foam

£35.00 (buy here)

Hope you find this informative.
Love Becky x


  1. I need some new lingerie, definitely will check out M&S range, the rose print bra looks gorgeous! xx

    Almost Delightful

    1. Rosie's just done the shoot for her new collection! You defiantly should check that out when it hits M&S, I sure will be, Becky x

  2. Great post! Love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, also dream of being a VS model!

    1. You share my dreams Amy! Love your blog x

  3. I LOVE Victoria's Secret. Literally, I have a drawer dedicated to their PINK collection in my room. SO comfortable!Check it out when they do their semi-annual sale. (Everything is much more affordable)