Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Becky style book review

I absolutely adore reading, however since starting A-Level English Literature back in September my passion for reading, despite how much this pains me to say has quite honestly dissappeared. That could potentially be because the books i've been set to read are all based around WW1, not that the literature from that era was boring- because it's not. Or because there is more of a burning urge inside me to get stuck into the next Shirley Conran book I have waiting patiently on my desk.

For those of you who have not yet read LACE by Shirley Conran, I am now forcing you to. I read LACE back in the summer while on holiday in Greece, it was a perfect getaway book and gave me chronic bliss right until the very end. 

The book is set over an era, the era of LACE's famous 'Lili' and the lives of 4 other women over a handful of decades.
Lili Shirley Conran's main character has been hard done by, neglected, abused and forgotten. But despite her youth and terrible past becomes a ultra glamourous mega-watt film star. Is that not enough to convince you purchase the book and read on?
The four other women, Maxine, Judy, Kate and Pagan, went to finishing school in Switzerland in the late 1940s. One of them got pregnant and had a baby (Lili), who the mother put up for fostering. And LACE follows the four potential mothers and Lili throughout their life course as they each go their separate ways and lead their own exciting and captivating lives. Only to bring them back together in Manhattan's most exclusive hotel where Lili has a question for them, 
"Which one of you bitches is my mother?"
Everyone has their own favourite movie line which sticks with them forever but rarely do you find a book which manages to have the same effect with only one line, "Which one of you bitches is my mother?" is simple literary genius and a line belonging to LACE and only LACE.

I am not declaring Lace as the best book I have ever read but it most certainly is amoungst my top 10. Potentially appealing to younger readers which puts in the same category as Jackie Collins, LACE is 'The scandalous classic which defined an era.' And a drama of sex galmour and bitchery, one which i couldn't put down, it makes 50 shades of Grey look incompetent and irrelevant as a book. Eagerly trying to get my hands on Lace 2 but in the mean time, when A-Level English takes a step back I will be diving into the other Shirley Conran of mine, Savages.

Also this may intrigue you to know.. Shirley Conran is the mother of Jasper and Sebastian Conran both of whom are designers, you can now see where they get their class and sassy-ness from. And she is also a former editor of the Daily Mail and Observer, what an idol. 

If you are interested in buying them you can buy lace (here) and savages (here).

Sorry if im wasting my time and gossip-girl style books are not your cup of tea but they sure are a cheeky pleasure of mine.

Lots of Love

Becks muhaaaa

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  1. hmm this sounds interesting! NOT something i'd usually read (never did get round to 50 shades..) but this could be a little different! idk if its my cup of tea though!
    Im holding a GIVEAWAY over on my blog at the moment so you should definitely check it out!! :)