Friday, 1 March 2013

MARY KATRANTZOU- London Fashion Week

The images below are from the site, where I spend an unhealthy amount of time watching the fashion week catwalk shows and a designer that especially stood out to me this season and has been doing so for a few years now is the brilliant Mary Katrantzou. 
She is incredibly young for a designer who has reached levels that of designers at least ten years her elder. Having taken on inspiration from a season at Lessage a couple of years ago and reaching her thirtieth birthday this year, she can look back to her Masters graduation from the legendary Central St. Martin's in 2008 and heightening her success to show status by the very next year..
Born of parents who were in interior design and textiles; structural, intricate prints are abundant throughout her designs with an almost oriental theme running through most, interestingly contradictory to her Greek heritage.
Katrantzou's work is bordering haute couture and many would be opposed to wearing such things on the street on everyday tasks, however if someone offered me a Katrantzou piece I would have no worries wearing it to school to be frank! I'd look a total freak, but a beautiful freak nevertheless.

As much as I can emphasise how I love this designer, it has to be said that I'm slightly dissapointed with her the lack of her signature vibrance and absolute chaos of colour throughout her work. I understand that Spring/Summer collections are going to be obviously brighter, but this dark? For Katrantzou? Makes me kind of sad... To the left and the right are a couple of examples of her pieces from the last Spring/Summer collection, inspired by postal stamps and ofcourse I had to use a photograph of Cara Delevingne, merely because I love her incredible amounts.

The angular shaping is something that reporters have claimed to be their not so favourite aspect of her collection, but in my opinion there hasn't been enough of these  angular designs throughout Fashion Week.. Despite an Autumn/ Winter trend of straight and crossed designs... Hmmm... 

These were the finale pieces and they are stunning, it makes me emotional how elegant they are... Sad, I know, mais c'est vrai. 

Lastly, I have to mention the hair, purely because I have incredible doubts about the bowl- cut coming back. I'm sorry, we may be in a recession, but surely times have not gotten that tough.. Not quite sure what Katrantzou was trying to put across there, but we love her all the same!

Let me know what you think about this season's LFW shows,

Love, Emily X

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