Monday, 7 October 2013

Balance Me beauty box

The box includes 7 of the brand's most popular products;  rose otto body wash, super moisturising hand cream, cleanse and smooth face balm, moisture-rich face cream, facial expression filler, radiance face oil and wonder eye cream.

My personal favourites of the box are the radiance oil, rose otto wash and the eye cream. The radiance oil turns dull skin into radiant, moisturised, skin whilst the rose otto wash makes your body as soft as a baby's bottom and the eye cream hydrates the under eyes.

Also included is a £10 voucher for a full-size Balance Me product of your choice. Plus, one lucky box will include a golden ticket entitling the holder to £500 worth of Balance Me goodies.

The box is available for £19.95 just head over to 

Talisa x

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Interview with Vodafone London Fashion Weekend's Pandora Lennard

Pandora Lennard, the stylist for the entire Vodafone London Fashion Weekend trend catwalk, contributing editor for Tank magazine and an aspiring editorial goddess. As she walked on to the stage she had a certain aura about her, a young enthusiastic persona and a mind full of inspiration and ideas.

Pandora Lennard

Lennard was asked about her lead up to success and we were shocked to discover that she had in fact begun her career path with a degree in Psychology, however she admits that she had always been interested in fashion and styling and whilst undertaking her degree was partaking in as many work placements with various stylists and photographers.

She announced her idols in fashion management and the industry as a whole were Katie Grand and Claire Richardson. This is interesting, revealing a dream of managing her own magazine perhaps?

She then went on to explain the choices made in creating the looks for the trend catwalk show. The show included the most important four trends for this Autumn/Winter 2013- Pretty in Pink, Back to Nature, Shape Up and Victoriana. The most exciting of the four has to be PINK! Similar to myself, Pandora Lennard admits that she is a fan of the simple and safe black and monotone clothing. However, there is a certain intrigue that has crept up on the world of fashion- Can we make pink look as good as we made it look when we were eight? Or should it be left singing sweetly around those years?

Pandora Lennard is an interesting new fashion character to keep an eye on and her sense of style, judging by what emerged from those white doorways on the catwalk, is impeccable.

Emily xxx

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Red Valentino Reflections

Thought I'd share a yummy little crush of mine,
so for those who have already seen this show, you will understand why when I looked back at it today, I felt the need to publicise it on BEMSA. It is the cutest, most darling catwalk show from this year's A/W New York shows, in my opinion anyway.

I don't know whether it's the cute socks? Or the bows? Or the roses? Or the illustrated backdrops? Or even the bold choice of yellow?- something I am always too scared to venture into the realms of...
Maybe it's the combination of all those things, but whatever it is, I'm going thrifting and I will recreate these looks for a million times less, don't fear!

I'll post later on this year, perhaps when there weather is a little more promising, with my interpretations of these looks because I cannot get them out of my head and this seems to be the only way.

Hope you appreciate the sweetness of the show and it gives you some inspiration for the upcoming seasons.

Thanks, Emily X

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Monday, 15 April 2013

The perfect guacamole

I'm a bit of an avocado fiend... I love them. They're good for your skin and delicious.

I love guacamole but hate the store bought muck. So I put together a little recipe of how to make the best guacamole... ever. 

You will need:
-2 ripe avocados
-1 whole lemon
-Hot pepper sauce
-A potato masher
-A bowl

Take the skins off your avocados, pop them in a bowl and mash them up with a potato masher.

Once they are all mushed squeeze a whole lemon and put a heaped tbsp of hot sauce.

Voila! The perfect guac.

If you're tired of the store bought muck too, give this a try! It is healthier, tastier and really quick to do.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Star by Julien Macdonald

Hey hey! So, basically I was given a load of handbag samples from the designers and buyers at Debenhams so I thought I'd write a few reviews on them to share. Most of them are next season's pieces, however some are in store right now. Bear in mind that these are samples and therefore have been developed further, so it is likely that they will not be exactly the same on purchasing the item.

To start with, Star by Julien Macdonald has been a truly successful range at Debenhams since 2003. The current range in stores at the moment is very striking and sophisticated. This snake curved tote is in store right now for the selling price of £55 and you can buy it (here) It can be told from the photographs that there are slight alterations to the design on the gold plates and also the lining which is not pictured below.
This bag was one of my favourites from those of which I received because it's not a boring black, which my bags tend to be, and the snake zip embellishment isn't something I'd normally go for either. Snake is a definite trend for this Spring/ Summer, so if you haven't invested in a Summer piece as of yet, I recommend this. You can never go wrong with handbags, they can last years and you'll never grow out of them, they're an investment- well, that's what I tell myself every time I buy something over £50 anyways...

Thanks, Emily X

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Fashion Fix #3

hey hey, hope you're all having a nice weekend! Some interesting things been going on this week and I've been plonked in the middle of it all on a work placement so yes, insightful week...

CHRISTIAN DIOR hosted a Spring/Summer Couture show in Shanghai last Saturday as subtle push at gaining a wider Chinese audience economically. There was a range of dresses and outfits in the show with a wide variety of colours and a particular emphasis on floral embellishment, however the two dresses that stood out the most to be were these two white- based pieces. The detail is beautiful and I can even accept the thing on that girls head as I love the dress so much!

THE QUEEN - this has to be mentioned as she is one of the most darling women I have ever seen, you will understand when you see the photograph- has been presented with a BAFTA for her support over the years to the British Film Industry with special appreciation for her volunteered participation in the Olympic Opening Ceremony alongside Daniel Craig. 
VANESSA PARADIS' advertisements for H&M's new Conscious Collection are everywhere; all up the escalators and down the passages at Oxford Circus Tube Station, there are mahuusive moving short video images of her in the windows of the H&M stores. It's crazy! The floral patterns are beautiful and the collection is surprisingly cheap for such high end quality. H&M were one of the first high street brands to begin collaborating with high end designers such as Sonia Rykiel and Versace, now followed by other high street brands such as River Island teaming up with Rihanna. However, despite there growing strength, there prices are remaining cheap and cheerful, just how H&M should be!

PRADA released a new fashion film- Sweet Candy, made of three short films with an oddly humorous effect. Not quite sure what else can be said about it.. It's fun? You'll understand once you've watched it.

PATRICK GRANT has confirmed that he is joining the ranks at Debenhams, where I have been working at this week, alongside Jasper Conran, John Rocha, Henry Holland and other designers. The Saville Row tailor is actually an acquaintance of my boyfriend's who he saw earlier this week and apparently a very classy, lovely man. His collection for Debenhams will be resurrecting the Hammond & Co. label, a favourite of the royal family's.

Yep so there's your little fashion summary for this week, I'm going to be reviewing a few handbag samples that I received at Debenhams on Tuesday so make sure you have a look! Plus I know that Talisa's got a delicious avocado recipe (She obsessed) for you lined up for Monday!

Thanks, Emily X

Monday, 1 April 2013

RMK cleansing balm

One of the biggest beauty hypes last year was around Emma hardie's cleansing balm (Buy here) which i never got around to trying. So when this balm came in my Birchbox i couldn't wait to try it.

RMK's cleansing balm has a light rose scent that begins to melt as soon as your finger touches the balm.  Not only does it scrub off every last bit of makeup but it doesn't sting at all. You can use it all over your face and it is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

I wear a lot of mascara and eyeliner so when it comes to removal i tend to use 3+ wipes which is time consuming and over time extremely pricy. I only needed the smallest blob to get a whole face of makeup off in under 2 minutes. As it's a balm it's also extremely hydrating.

Compared to Emma Hardie's balm which costs £34 this comes a little cheaper at £29. Plus, this is pink. Do you need any more of an excuse to buy this? Buy (here).