Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My fav's for the minute.

This is just going to be a brief post consisting of a selection of my current favourite things. If I were to make a whole list of favourite items, I wouldn't stop.

To begin with, these 5 scents of Yankee Candle. I can't handle having anything other than nice smells in my bedroom, I don't know how my brother copes. And after discovering Yankee a few years ago I'm constantly setting alight different smells. But these 5 have to be 5 of the best by Yankee.
1. Pink Sands- smells of a place I could only dream of, that's it really.
2. Strawberry buttercream- my all time fav even those who lack a sweet tooth will love. The sweetness just permeates my bedroom, bliss.
3. Beach flowers- an ooze of fresh elegance which lasts even after the candle gets blown out.
4. Bahama Breeze- tropical shores and cocktails, it smells like a holiday.
5. Pink Lady Slipper- beautifully fresh and clean with a pure undertone of a rose muskiness.

My second favourite at the moment is the addictive, time consuming overly aggravating I-phone game, Candy Crush. Each level more tricky than the last, and unlike games which are easily completed, amounting to rubishness, (eg, 4pics1word) I can spend days at a time on one level. It's a challengingly clever, vibrant and FREE app, which as much as I should probably be advising you not to try (due to it's addictive nature) am. So give it a go. Oh and then send me some lives please?

And my last favourite item at the moment, is a Nails inc polish. Sweets Way Sprinkles is beautiful pale baby blue in colour polish, infused with matte like sprinkles in the colours of blue, white and pink along with glitter. It covers your nails completely in just a few coats and honestly is perfect for any occasion. I love nails inc as a brand and find their naming of polishes after places in London brilliant, (not including sweets way unfortunately..) the price is affordable for that of catwalk worthy products. Pastels are in at the moment and the milky complexion is dreamy. Your missing out otherwise.

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Xoxo Becky


  1. Candy crush is such an obsession - thank god there's only 5 lives at a time or I would be completely addicted!!


    1. I defiantly think having the limit on lives is a pro, I wouldn't be off it otherwise! Becky X