Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How to make a normal bath fabulous

It is understandable that everybody has their own set routine when it comes to putting an hour aside every so often for a little bit of luxury. In this case, the luxury is bathtime.
I don't have baths reguarly but when I do I use bath bombs, esscences, bubbles and anything else worth putting in a hot tub of water, galore. 
The list of products I have tried are endless, and fair enough if your own peronal bath routine is too good to even pass up, but just this once i'd very much appreciate your co-operation because i've put together a few bits, which I certainly reccomend as a few of the best to buy from highstreet stores; to use during bathtime to make your hour alone that little bit more special.
Product number 1, The Little Bubble Co, Strawberry Sundae buy (here)
Honestly, the choice of Bubble Baths on the market is insane. I usually opt for one by Soap and Glory. But the sweetness of The Little Bubble Co's Strawberry Sundae, and it's ability to create a room (yes room) full of bubbles in minutes pushed it.. into the bath for my choice. It's pink, sorry boys and foamy, what more could you ask. A bit too sugary to represent that of a real strawberry, but nethertheless just as delicious. 

Product number 2, Sanctaury Spa, Hot Sugar Scrub buy (here)
I bought this product for my mum at Christmas, thinking "yeah right, like it's hot, I bet it's just the bath temperature fooling everyone.. but mum likes the Sanctuary and its on 3 for 2 so.." And i was surprised. Never before have I been so cynical and never before was I proved so badly, wrong. It actually heats up, and for people who are easily entertained like myself it amused greatly. Not only that but the sugar in it exfoliated my skin like no other product before, mixed with the heat between my palm and leg (as demonstarted) the feeling was heavenly. I felt it opened my pores and deeply cleansed. It's a mixture of detoxifying kaolin clay and fine organic sugar to draw out any nastyness and buff your skin as though youre having a mani-pedi on your body. And the mixture of the thermaly-ness and sugary-ness left my skin lovely and soft. 
Product number 3, Umberto Giannini, Moisture Replenishing Hair Mask
So everyone enjoys experimenting with various hair products, shampoos and conditioners fill up my bathroom cupboards. But is a bit of conditioner really enough? I don't spend enough time reading reviews so these products are solely based on my own opinion, meaning i'm not overly knowledgeable. But i've tried a herbal essence hair mask before and enjoyed it as the smell was gorgeous. But when it came to my hair there didn't seem to be much difference. However after loving other Umberto Giannini hair products, (such as their Backcomb in a bottle- omg TRY) I picked up their Moisture Replenishing Hair Mask, plopped a dollop on, left it on for the duration of the bath- after shampooing and condiitioning of course, and the results were surprising. My hair was fragile but afterwards it was silky smooth, and glamorous. The smell lasted a good 24hours plus and as the mask contains florentine orris milk and shea butters which smelt too good to be true, it was almost like lemon and rose turkish delight. Tasty. 

Product number 4, Lush, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
My final and most favourite product was the Lush Body Conditioner. To sum it up in a nutshell it's basically a body, hair conditioner with the after affects of a body butter/moisturiser/cream which you put on after exfoliating, and yes, you put it on in the bath.
After exfoliating my skin needed moisture. You rub the conditioner on all over, be generous. And when you wash it off (just with hands and water) the conditioner has already sunk in and left your body feeling delicately smooth and replenished. The almond oils mean water runs straight off, so there is no need of heavy drying with a towel, just lightley dab away any water. Leaving your skin smelling of cocoa and brazil nut. I adore this product and will be buying it again that is for sure. 

Hope you try these all out seriously, love Becky! X

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