Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Swinging Sixties

So, I was a little stuck on what to post about today so I was searching around the internet for some inspiration and although my set topic is fashion I've decided upon a more beauty- themed topic. The make up/ beauty side is mainly done in a more couture fashion style than prĂȘt- a- porter. Therefore I feel it still falls under fashion. Just to ensure there's no confusion!

As I mentioned in my "Time to spring clean your wardrobe!" article, sixties fashion is very much on trend this Spring/Summer therefore I have attempted to create some sixties style make up looks for you, inspired by
the Autumn/Winter catwalk shows over the last few weeks.

Note: Excuse my dotty dressing gown!

Firstly, remove all your make up and begin by using a moisturiser such as Simple moisturise so ensure that foundation will smooth over with a satin-like feel. Then add a little powder to matte the foundation. Try to match the foundation and power well, which is why the Fit Me Maybelline foundation and powder matching system works so well!

 Add a little bronzer on the cheeks under the cheekbone to emphasise them! Then use a white/ very light cream eyeshadow in the arch of the eyebrow and create a gradient of creams and browns down to the edge of the eyelid with a palette such as by Revlon. Then begin to use gel liner to line the crease of the eye and flick it out. Emphasise by adding a little white eyeliner under the line. Flick the stereotypical eyelashes out with the gel liner on the bottom corners. Then use the white eyeliner to brighten the eyes.

Finish with a Chanel Rouge lip stick and accessorise with sixties style hoops and boat- neck, monochrome dress.

Et Voila! A sixties make-up look!

Right so from left to right:
Brush- W7
White eyeliner- Gosh
Nail gems and silver liner- No7
Moisturiser- Simple (here)
Eyebrow pencil- Rimmel (here)
Gel eyeliner- Maybelline (here)
Eyeliner kohl- Benefit (here)
Eyeliner kohl- Elizabeth Arden (here)
Liquid liners (Black and metallic black)- Barry M
Lipstick- Chanel Allure Rouge (Rebelle) (here)
Eyeshadows- Revlon (here)
Smoky eye mascara- Maybelline (here)
Foundation-  Maybelline Fit Me (here)
Matching foundation powder-   Maybelline Fit Me (here)
Eyeshadow- Bourjois

Thanks, Emily! X

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