Thursday, 28 February 2013

Top 5 lip care products

I have dry everything. Dry skin, dry hair, dry nails- you get the gist. My biggest problem is my dry lips. They never stay hydrated, no matter how many litres of water i drink! This results in me buying excessive amounts of products to try to solve my problem. When i search for lip care i'm looking for products which make my lips look nice and hydrates at the same time, which is surprisingly hard to come across.

NUXE Reve de Miel Baume Levres Ultra-Nourrissant Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm:
When i first purchased this in the summer i didn't see why it was raved about so much. I pushed it to the side and completely forgot about it. When i ran out of lip balm, around christmas, i turned to it and boy, have my views changed! I slathered it on my cracked lips before i went to bed and woke up with... hydrated lips! I was flabbergasted to say the least. Ever since i haven't been able to stop using it, it's quite a thick balm so i put it on before bed to let it sink in. The photo online is quite deceptive, it makes it look like it would have a creamy/balmy texture but it has more of a classic lip balm feel. It's £9.50, from Feelunique, which is a little more pricy than most lip care products but it is worth every penny! Buy it (here)

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid with Organic Lemon Oil:

Hands down the best lip product i have ever tried for hydrating. Sinks into you lips after about half an hour, the lemon oil exfoliates and the lanolin moisturises- the perfect lip balm!  Buy it from boots (here)

Rose Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15:
I got a mini sample of this in my Birchbox and i think it is fabulous! This product hydrates and leaves a lovely rosy finish on your lips, your lips stay hydrated but the colour fades after, approximately, half an hour. At £14.84 it's pricy, but pretty! Buy it from Sephora (here)

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub:
Lip savior. This product is a must-have for anyone who wears lipstick regularly. Leaves lips smooth to touch and looking airbrushed when paired with balm. (here)

Cherry Chapstick:
Last but most definitely not least is the legendary cherry Chapstick. This product hydrates your lips and leaves you with a lovely glow. It's a great product and for £1.05 who can complain? Buy it from boots (here)   


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Raspberry s'mores

Whenever i watch american films which have camping scenes in them there is always one reoccurring theme. When the day turned to night and the stars shone bright the characters would bring out their crackers and chocolate, roast some marshmallows then smush them all together to create, what looked like, a small piece of heaven. Every time i watch these scenes my eyes grow big and my mouth begins to water. I fancied something a little sweet to eat and guess what my first thought? Yep, s'mores. In an attempt to satisfy my sweet tooth but stay a little healthy i came up with an extremely tasty treat.

You will need:
8 Marshmallows
6 Raspberries
30g Chocolate
4 Digestive biscuits
A saucepan
A bowl

Half all the marshmallows, pop them on a tray and grill them for 20 seconds at most.

If you want solid chocolate in your s'mores ignore this step but I, personally, love a gooey filling. I achieve this by filling a saucepan with boiling and placing a bowl full with chocolate on top and stirring until it melts.

Grab a biscuit, 3 halved marshmallows, 3 raspberries then drizzle some chocolate stick three more halves of marshmallow on top then smush together with the final biscuit and VOILA! Raspberry s'mores!

Prep time- no prep.
Cooking time- 6-10 minutes
Serves- 2
                                                                            Try not to eat them too fast, haha!            

P.S. if anyone knows of anywhere to buy veggie marshmallows, please let Emily know. She will love you forever ...

Monday, 25 February 2013

outfit of the week

 This was my favourite outfit this week, inspired by, as creepy as it sounds, a girl I saw in London...

This was merely to visit my grandparents house, but sometimes you know you get those days where you feel like mixing it up a bit. Got described as though I'd just arrived from the 50's by my 15 year old cousin, not quite sure whether he got the era quite right there... but hey ho!

Skirt and shoes are two of my favourite items that I own, but it's so difficult to find the right time to where them- especially the shoes... HELLO have you seen how high they are?! but the top and vintage hair clasp are things that regularly wear, the hair clasp is particularly helpful to be honest, if you have long hair like me I highly recommend one, saves you having to scrape your hair up into the same old ponytail, day in day out.

The shoes and skirt are both from Boohoo at surprisingly cheap prices, so do have a look! Top from Topshop, one of those casual fling-on tops everyone has- don't judge. 

Ok, pissed because these shoes are now so much cheaper than when I bought them, but for you the shoes are at: 
The skirt doesn't seem to be on boohoo anymore, but I'm sure you can e-bay around if you're interested..
top (here)
So yeah, that was my fave outfit from this week, let me know what you think! 

Love Emily X

Sunday, 24 February 2013


Even though food is Talisa's speciality on this blog, I personally couldn't not share my easy to make breakfast smoothie, (perfect at any time of the day, not just breakfast!!)

I made it in around three minutes this morning, thats pretty decent if you ask me.
But before i tell you how to make it I better leave a rough description of ingredients.. oh and not forgetting, unless you're able to bash and beat frozen berries into a pulp using a rolling pin you also need an electric blender.

(for one person)
1 banana
(around) 2-3 large table spoons of Greek Yoghurt - use healthy alternatives if you wish 
(around again) 2-3 handfuls of frozen summer berries
And a good few splashes of apple juice 

Ever so sorry the vague amounts of ingredients, but it's really up to you how much of each ingredient you put in, if you want the smoothie fruitier; add more berries and apple juice, sweeter; add another banana or creamier; add more yoghurt!

Step 1, add the banana in chopped chunks (easy for the blender)

Yoghurt and Apple Juice
Step 2, pour in the yoghurt and apple juice

Frozen Berries
Step 3, chuck in the frozen fruit


*Add more apple juice if required, you want the texture to be that of a drink not melted ice cream. Also if you decide to use fresh fruit rather than frozen, I suggest adding a few cubes of ice to be able to serve at a cold temperature.

All together now, (cheeky instagram edit)

Finish with a handful of oats, specifically for breakfast 

                                                            And the finished product!

I hope you enjoy.

Love Becky

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Low fat peanut butter ice-cream

I love ice-cream. My only problem with it is that it isn't very healthy and the fat free ones tend to taste like absolute muck. After experimenting in my kitchen for a few hours i came up with the perfect recipe: Low fat peanut butter ice-cream. Simple to make and so scrummy.

You will need:
3 bananas
3 tbsps Peanut butter 
A Food Processor
A scraping spatula (Not essential, a spoon does the job too)
Baking tray

Slice up your bananas.

Pop them all on a tray, cover with cling film and freeze them. I tend to freeze them overnight but anything past 7 hours will do. When they come out they should be rock hard. 
(TIP- when freezing the bananas make sure they're separated, it's easier to get them off the tray)
Chuck them all into your food processor.

Weeee watch them go!

When it reaches this stage it will seem for the next few minutes that nothing is happening- trust me, something is but it's just happening very slowly! The banana parts will start to stick to the side of the processor, just used your spatula/spoon to move it down next to the blade. (Make sure the processor is off every time you push the banana down of things could get very messy...)

Told you something would happen! You're left with this creaaaamy fat free goodness. Time to make it a little naughty, add your peanut butter and put the processor back on for 1 more minute.

Prep time- 7-12 hours
Cooking time- 6-10 minutes
Serves- approx. 4

Sit back and enjoy your guilt free ice-cream. Peanut butter isn't the only flavour you can have, when you get to the part where you add the peanut butter swap it for whatever tickles your fancy.  Some of my favourite flavours are:
Nutella - use 3 tbsp Nutella
Berry - use 1 cup of frozen berries


Friday, 22 February 2013

Fendi- Clothing or Caterpillar?

So... This is... Interesting...

Milan Fashion Week always finds a way of giving me the giggles, I shouldn't, but does the model not look like a Caterpillar?! I'm sorry! But it's true!

Accompanied by the song by Prodigy- Firestarter are these fabulous pieces created by the wonderful Karl Lagerfeld, whom I love very dearly <3
However, the Lagerfeld experience often comes with the price of extravagant creature- like designs.

Fendi is an Italian brand founded in 1925 by Edoardo and Adele Fendi and is most well reknowned for the "baguette" bag. However, it is proven to us this week at the Milan Fashion Week that Fendi are not just a brand for which you may wish to store you mobile and lipstick in, it is a feisty, outgoing brand full of brand new, futuristic ideas.

Here's a link to the entire Fendi show on the French Vogue site, enjoy!

Lots of love, Emily! X


Salut!- c'est nous! Becky, Talisa and Emily... Founders of BEMSA- a cheeky mix of our names you may notice...
This is our first post, so we thought we'd briefly introduce ourselves and a little about what our blog will entail.
Firstly, here's a few photos of us to make you laugh, whether they will make you laugh or not is debatable, but they make us laugh......

So, a little about ourselves, Emily and Becky have been friends for like 10 years, ish, or there abouts and met at primary school where Emily first asked Becky if she wanted to play with her and her friends, to which Becky replied "No thanks, I have my own friends." And stormed away... So wasn't the most conventional starts to a friendship, but hey! ha, so anyway we became friends and remained friends throughout high school despite attending different schools. Then in about Year 9 Emily and Becky met Talisa... And hated her... She hated Emily and Becky, they hated her... Who really knows exactly why.... But anyway, under erm.. certain circumstances, probably best not to mention over the internet, Emily and Talisa became good friends and Becky in pursuit. And ever since, we've been BFFs

Our blog will be written by all three of us, each  post themed differently providing you with a wide variety of posts. There will be a likely theme in which each of us will write about, Talisa will focus on food and occasionally other topics such as beauty products, Emily will focus mainly on fashion news and icons and Becky will write about whatever she likes because she's a greedy poo ;)

So yes,
That's us, we hope you follow us and enjoy our blog

Love Talisa, Becky and Emily X