Monday, 25 February 2013

outfit of the week

 This was my favourite outfit this week, inspired by, as creepy as it sounds, a girl I saw in London...

This was merely to visit my grandparents house, but sometimes you know you get those days where you feel like mixing it up a bit. Got described as though I'd just arrived from the 50's by my 15 year old cousin, not quite sure whether he got the era quite right there... but hey ho!

Skirt and shoes are two of my favourite items that I own, but it's so difficult to find the right time to where them- especially the shoes... HELLO have you seen how high they are?! but the top and vintage hair clasp are things that regularly wear, the hair clasp is particularly helpful to be honest, if you have long hair like me I highly recommend one, saves you having to scrape your hair up into the same old ponytail, day in day out.

The shoes and skirt are both from Boohoo at surprisingly cheap prices, so do have a look! Top from Topshop, one of those casual fling-on tops everyone has- don't judge. 

Ok, pissed because these shoes are now so much cheaper than when I bought them, but for you the shoes are at: 
The skirt doesn't seem to be on boohoo anymore, but I'm sure you can e-bay around if you're interested..
top (here)
So yeah, that was my fave outfit from this week, let me know what you think! 

Love Emily X

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