Saturday, 23 February 2013

Low fat peanut butter ice-cream

I love ice-cream. My only problem with it is that it isn't very healthy and the fat free ones tend to taste like absolute muck. After experimenting in my kitchen for a few hours i came up with the perfect recipe: Low fat peanut butter ice-cream. Simple to make and so scrummy.

You will need:
3 bananas
3 tbsps Peanut butter 
A Food Processor
A scraping spatula (Not essential, a spoon does the job too)
Baking tray

Slice up your bananas.

Pop them all on a tray, cover with cling film and freeze them. I tend to freeze them overnight but anything past 7 hours will do. When they come out they should be rock hard. 
(TIP- when freezing the bananas make sure they're separated, it's easier to get them off the tray)
Chuck them all into your food processor.

Weeee watch them go!

When it reaches this stage it will seem for the next few minutes that nothing is happening- trust me, something is but it's just happening very slowly! The banana parts will start to stick to the side of the processor, just used your spatula/spoon to move it down next to the blade. (Make sure the processor is off every time you push the banana down of things could get very messy...)

Told you something would happen! You're left with this creaaaamy fat free goodness. Time to make it a little naughty, add your peanut butter and put the processor back on for 1 more minute.

Prep time- 7-12 hours
Cooking time- 6-10 minutes
Serves- approx. 4

Sit back and enjoy your guilt free ice-cream. Peanut butter isn't the only flavour you can have, when you get to the part where you add the peanut butter swap it for whatever tickles your fancy.  Some of my favourite flavours are:
Nutella - use 3 tbsp Nutella
Berry - use 1 cup of frozen berries


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