Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Raspberry s'mores

Whenever i watch american films which have camping scenes in them there is always one reoccurring theme. When the day turned to night and the stars shone bright the characters would bring out their crackers and chocolate, roast some marshmallows then smush them all together to create, what looked like, a small piece of heaven. Every time i watch these scenes my eyes grow big and my mouth begins to water. I fancied something a little sweet to eat and guess what my first thought? Yep, s'mores. In an attempt to satisfy my sweet tooth but stay a little healthy i came up with an extremely tasty treat.

You will need:
8 Marshmallows
6 Raspberries
30g Chocolate
4 Digestive biscuits
A saucepan
A bowl

Half all the marshmallows, pop them on a tray and grill them for 20 seconds at most.

If you want solid chocolate in your s'mores ignore this step but I, personally, love a gooey filling. I achieve this by filling a saucepan with boiling and placing a bowl full with chocolate on top and stirring until it melts.

Grab a biscuit, 3 halved marshmallows, 3 raspberries then drizzle some chocolate stick three more halves of marshmallow on top then smush together with the final biscuit and VOILA! Raspberry s'mores!

Prep time- no prep.
Cooking time- 6-10 minutes
Serves- 2
                                                                            Try not to eat them too fast, haha!            

P.S. if anyone knows of anywhere to buy veggie marshmallows, please let Emily know. She will love you forever ...


  1. This looks like the most delicious thing I have ever seen, I must try this :)

    Ash xx