Friday, 22 February 2013


Salut!- c'est nous! Becky, Talisa and Emily... Founders of BEMSA- a cheeky mix of our names you may notice...
This is our first post, so we thought we'd briefly introduce ourselves and a little about what our blog will entail.
Firstly, here's a few photos of us to make you laugh, whether they will make you laugh or not is debatable, but they make us laugh......

So, a little about ourselves, Emily and Becky have been friends for like 10 years, ish, or there abouts and met at primary school where Emily first asked Becky if she wanted to play with her and her friends, to which Becky replied "No thanks, I have my own friends." And stormed away... So wasn't the most conventional starts to a friendship, but hey! ha, so anyway we became friends and remained friends throughout high school despite attending different schools. Then in about Year 9 Emily and Becky met Talisa... And hated her... She hated Emily and Becky, they hated her... Who really knows exactly why.... But anyway, under erm.. certain circumstances, probably best not to mention over the internet, Emily and Talisa became good friends and Becky in pursuit. And ever since, we've been BFFs

Our blog will be written by all three of us, each  post themed differently providing you with a wide variety of posts. There will be a likely theme in which each of us will write about, Talisa will focus on food and occasionally other topics such as beauty products, Emily will focus mainly on fashion news and icons and Becky will write about whatever she likes because she's a greedy poo ;)

So yes,
That's us, we hope you follow us and enjoy our blog

Love Talisa, Becky and Emily X

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